Time Reset is unique ability developed by Mimics in Edge of Tomorrow.

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Time Reset is unique Mimic ability that lets them to turn back time in order to continuously retry different battle strategies until they achieve victory. In Mimics, only Omega and Alpha has this ability with Omega involuntary triggering the ability once Alpha dies.

Humans can gain this ability when they come into contact with Alpha's or Omega's blood. This seems to be the only way to gain this ability. Infected humans can't transfer this ability to another human, whatever through blood transfusion or even sexual intercourse. Once the infected blood leaves the human system by any means whatever through blood transfusion or bleeding out, the infected loses this ability permanently. Infected humans do not feature any physical or biological difference from ordinary humans besides on rare occasions having completely black eyes (this is seen when Cage is infected for the first time, stabs his leg with a Transponder and when he loses his blood trough blood transfusion).

Once infected with Alpha's blood, Omega begins to see that infected as an Alpha, thus it triggers Time Reset ability when it feels that said person has died.

While having this ability every time the infected human dies, the person would travel back into the past day. The exact amount of how far the infected can travel into the past is determined by the Omega.

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