Shasta Raylle
Shasta Raylle
Personal Information
Title Shasta Raylle
Japanese シャスタ・レイル
Gender Female
Height 152cm
Weight 37kg
Status Alive
Professional Statistics
Organization Rank Lieutanant
Other Occupation(s) Mechanic
First Appearance


Shasta wear glasses due to her weak eyesight. She wears military shoes and pants, but wears a white tshirt and has her uniform's shirt tied around her abdomen. She has long braided hair.


Shasta is MIT graduate; she was able to skip a year, proving her genius. However, she is shy, easily frightened and taken by surprised. Despite her being a genius she misunderstands things sometimes, for example she misunderstood Keiji when he went for her in order to get an Axes of war and told her that he came to find her, seemingly thinking that he had a romantic interest in her before he told her it wasn't in that aspect.




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