"Come find me when you wake up!"
—Rita Vrataski's best known line.
Rita Vrataski
Personal Information
Title Angel of Verdun / Full Metal Bitch
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Nationality British
Status Alive
Professional Statistics
Affiliations United Defense Force
Organization Rank Sergeant Major
Group or Squad Dog Soldier Squad
Other Occupation(s) Soldier
Previous Occupation(s) School Teacher
First Appearance

Rita Vrataski is the most decorated soldier in all of the United Defense force. She is notoriously known for killing over 1,000 Mimic aliens in combat, a feat that is declared virtually impossible for anyone else but her. Rita's legendary status began at the Battle of Verdun when she killed hundreds of Mimics by herself. As stated by news report, she is seen as the new hope for the Mimic war and caused the mass manufacturing of exo-suits for the United Defense Force.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Rita's life before the Human-Mimic war aside that she was a teacher in Pittsfield,Illinois.

Battle of Verdun Edit

Rita was deployed in Verdun where she killed an Alpha and was infected by its blood. She gained the recall ability and, eventually, visions of the Omega's location. She tried to reach the Omega by using the recall ability but was injured and taken off the battlefield only to discover that, because of a blood transfusion, she lost the recall ability. She had a boyfriend named Hendricks who died on the battlefield. She opines that she had to watch him die over 300 times.

Operation Downfall Edit

In the midst of chaos, William Cage comes across Vrataski who kills a Mimic with her Angel Arms Rail Guns. As the two make eye contact, Rita is suddenly struck and killed by an incoming Mimic javelin. Eventually, Cage manages to reach her and ask her to call for an evacuation. Rita is astonished by Cage's ability to predict incoming Mimics and drops her weapon telling Cage to find her when he wakes up. A nearby dropship explodes, killing both Cage and Rita.

Revelations Edit

Cage tells Rita of his other worldly encounters and Rita responds immediately by bringing Cage over to Dr. Carter. There, the doctor and Rita explains the Mimic's biology and help Cage understand his newly adopted power of resetting the day. Cage is told that he, like Rita once had to, must continue the cycle of live-die-repeat until he has the "vision" of the Omega; the brain and command central of the Mimic horde. The presentation ends with Rita wanting to see Cage's fighting skills by fighting off robotic Mimic dummies. As an untrained grunt Cage fails miserly time after time again, the training often results in serious damage to parts of his body, to which Rita executes him on the spot to reset the day. Cage is also becoming more attracted to Vrataski.


Rita approached by Cage

Road to Omega Edit

Cage experiences a vision showing the Omega deep inside a dam in Germany. As Dr. Carter uses the vision to search for the exact location of the Omega, Cage and Vrataski attempts to find a way off the beach but, despite everything, they both keep dying before succeeding. Watching Vrataski die repeatedly starts to take an emotional toll on Cage as they focus their efforts on surviving the beach invasion and getting inland toward Germany. After multiple failures and deaths, Cage and Vrataski finally makes it inland. During the repeated attempts, Cage has slowly gathered deitails about Vrataski. In one loop, Vrataski tells Cage that she had a boyfriend at Verdun who she watched die three hundred times until she could no longer loop and he was dead for good. After they find a helicopter at a farmhouse, Vrataski realizes Cage is trying to coax her to stay in the farmhouse while he goes alone and confronts Omega. Cage admits they have looped to the farmhouse multiple times already but every time Vrataski dies and that he is trying to prevent her from dying again by going alone. Shocked and offended, she intentionally gets herself killed to force Cage to continue but Mimics kills them both.


Rita after finding out about Cage trying to prevent her death

The Truth Edit

Cage eventually succeeds in making it to the German dam alone but finds nothing and is almost captured by the Mimics before he manages to drown himself. In the next loop, Cage, Vrataski, and Carter put the pieces together and figure out the visions: Vrataski's success in Verdun was all a ruse by the Omega. The Omega had let the humans win at Verdun in order to lure the humans into invading Europe, where all the human armies would be ambushed and annihilated. With no other leads, the device Carter created, which got him fired, is their last chance. Vrataski and Cage switch focus to getting the device, which is at Whitehall in a safe in General Brigham's office. They infiltrate the Ministry of Defense and, after numerous loops, Brigham relents and gives them the transponder. As the two leaves, Brigham has troops ambush them. After resetting, they attempt to escape by car. As they escape, Vrataski stabs the transponder into Cage's leg. Cage sees the true location of the Omega: deep under the Louvre Museum in Paris. As they attempt to escape from the headquarters, Cage is shot and their car is stopped by a soldier in a mechanical jacket, the airbag knocks out Vrataski before she can kill Cage. Cage awakens strapped to a hospital gurney, under arrest. He sees that he is receiving a blood transfusion and realizes that he can no longer loop in time. Vrataski helps Cage escape, but without the ability to loop in time again and only several hours before the doomed invasion, Cage decides to recruit the misfit J-Squad to help them get to Paris. Cage's now-intimate knowledge of J-Squad and Vrataski's credibility convinces them to accompany the two. They steal an aircraft and fly to Paris.

Battle of Louvre Edit


Rita holding General Brigham at gunpoint

Once in the vicinity of the Louvre, the Mimics attack their aircraft. Cage, Vrataski, and three remaining J-Squad members decide to use the remaining engine power to slide the aircraft into the Louvre. Once inside, they plan to use grenades to destroy the Omega. The rest of J-Squad sacrifice themselves in the slide act, only Cage and Vrataski makes it into the museum. Once there, the two finds the Alpha Mimic blocking their path. Vrataski tells Cage she will distract the Alpha while he attempts to drop a belt of grenades onto the Omega, which is deep under the Louvre in water. Cage argues that he wants to distract the Alpha, to save Vrataski, but she tells him that neither one of them will survive the ordeal and kisses him then tell him that she wishes she had more time to get to know Cage better.

Vrataski leaves to distract the Alpha Mimic and Cage runs toward the water. The Alpha kills Vrataski and Cage stops to watch then dives underwater to find the Omega.

Rewind Edit

After the rewind caused by killing the Omega, Cage comes for Vrataski in FOB Heathrow and everyone treats him with respect due to him still being having an officers rank. He finds Vrataski and she asks what he wants, rather than asking who told him that he could talk to her. Cage smiles broadly.

Personality Edit

Because of losing her boyfriend during Battle of Verdun and watching him die over and over again for 300 times, Rita is very reserved, cold and harsh to others.

Trivia Edit

  • It was never stated in the movie, but in the manga, the reason why Rita uses a melee weapon is because during her "resets" she would often run out of ammo, which resulted in her deaths. Keiji (in the manga) also learned about the convenience of a melee weapon and started using one.
  • In the movie, Rita appreciates having coffee at the farmhouse. This is a nod to her character in the book, who is a coffee lover and had been introduced to coffee at an early age by her coffee addict father. In the world of the book, where coffee growing has virtually ceased because of the Mimic invasion and people drink artificial substitutes, Rita still has some supplies of exotic real coffee beans and her only personal possession is a coffee grinder.
  • Rita, for her bravery, was nicknamed by the public "The Angel of Verdun." In real life, Verdun was the site in France of the bloodiest battle of World War I in 1916. It lasted almost a year and an estimated one million men on both sides died, and Mons was the site in Belgium of a battle in 1914 and spawned tales of what many consider an otherworldly miracle. A 1914 newspaper short story about the battle, "The Bowmen," written by horror-story specialist Arthur Machen, told the tale of how during the battle, soldiers on both sides saw "supernatural" medieval archers appearing in the sky and causing the enemy to retreat. Despite Machen's attempts to prevent it, his story, which was entirely fictional, quickly inspired a popular and strongly believed account of "the Angels of Mons." The Battle of Verdun occurred two years later and there was no association with angelic apparitions, but Rita's nickname does seem to be inspired by the "Angels of Mons" story.

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