Operation Downfall is an invasion of Normandy by UDF to permanently wipe out Mimics.

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Operation Downfall was the biggest UDF operation to date, featuring hundreds of platoons from different countries. It also was the biggest deployment of Combat Jackets since Battle of Verdun.

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Operation Downfall Edit

A day before Operation Downfall, Cage was called in to London by General Brigham. There, Cage was ordered to land on the Normandy beach with the first wave of soldiers to film the invasion and thus promote it. Cage, having never seen combat his entire life, panics and black mails the general in order to avoid combat the next day.

Cage was arrested and taken to Forward Operating Base Heathrow where he was labeled a deserter caught impersonating an officer. At the base, Cage meets Sergeant Ferrell and J-Squad. The squad along the other soldiers in the barrack despises Cage for his cowardliness. Operation Downfall began the next morning, Cage and hundreds of thousands of soldiers were transported onto the beach of Normandy via dropships. However during the flight Cage's dropship was hit by a mimic javelin thus forcing him and J-Squad to drop on to the beach. The battle proves to be a slaughterhouse as the mimics anticipated the human's invasion and were waiting for the new trained soldiers. In the midst of chaos Cage comes across Rita Vrataski who kills a mimic with her Angel Arms Rail Gun, as the two make eye contact Rita is all of a sudden struck and killed by an incoming mimic javelin. As Cage relocates with his squad a single mimic claw its way out of the sand and slaughters the entire J-Squad except Cage, Cage manages to kills the mimic with his arm mounted machine-gun but comes face to face with a mimic alpha. The alpha spots Cage and launches towards him, however Cage picks up his dead teammate(Skinner)'s claymore and blows the alpha to bits. The alpha's acidic blood splatters all over Cage, melting his face and killing him.

Loop Edit

Cage finds himself awaken in FOB Heathrow again in dazed confusion. He meets Sergeant Ferrell and J-Squad again and is launched into battle again the next morning. There on the beach Cage tries to find Rita Vrataski and is killed within minutes. He repeats the battle several time, each time-loop he becomes more aware to his surrounding until finally he confronts the female warrior. Rita is astonished by Cage's ability to predict incoming mimics and drops her weapon telling Cage to find her when he wake up. A nearby dropship explodes, killing both Cage and Rita.

Rewind Edit

Cage wakens suddenly, confused, and finds himself on the helicopter en route to London on the morning before the invasion and his meeting with General Brigham. He disembarks and hears the celebratory pealing of bells. He watches a news conference during which the General announces that a huge mysterious energy blast was detected in Paris. The General says that the Mimics have died and the human forces will commence sweeping through Europe the next day. 

Trivia Edit

  • Operation Downfall, the name the movie gave the planned invasion, was in fact a real planned invasion: the final invasion of the Japanese Home Islands to end World War II. The real Operation Downfall never happened, as the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought about the surrender of Japan.

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