Nance: "Oh, for Christ's sake Kimmel!"
Kimmel: "I gotta be free man!"
—Kimmel replying to Nance upon her seeing him naked.
Personal Information
Gender Male
Nationality British
Status Alive
Professional Statistics
Affiliations United Defense Force
Organization Rank Private
Group or Squad J-Squad
First Appearance
Debut Edge of Tomorrow

Kimmel is a soldier serving in United Defense Force and is member of J-Squad appearing in Edge of Tomorrow. He's played by Tony Way.

History Edit

Operation Downfall Edit

Kimmel was present when Sergeant Farell put William Cage into J-Squad. Later he gets called out by Nance for wearing Combat Jacket while being completely naked. When they get on the beach of Normandy, Cage witness Kimmel being crushed by a Quad Tiltrotor.

Loop Edit

During the loops, Cage tries to save Kimmel from being crushed, eventually succeeding in his efforts. He's present when Skinner confronts Cage for escaping the training exercise and tries to fight him, but is quickly defeated. After witnessing Kimmel backs down, telling that he doesn't want to get involved. Later, Cage decides to recruit Kimmel and other J-Squad members to help them get to Paris. Cage's now-intimate knowledge of J-Squad and Vrataski's credibility convinces J-Squad to accompany them. They steal an aircraft and fly to Paris.

Battle of Louvre Edit

Once in the vicinity of the Louvre, the Mimics attack their aircraft. They must avoid killing the Alpha Mimic guarding the Omega, because that will cause the Omega to reset time, so all the team members are told to "take one for the team" - that is, to accept death - and not try to kill any Alpha Mimic in case they find themselves with one face-to-face. Kimmel is then killed by a MImic javelin hitting the Quad Tiltrotor.

Rewind Edit

After the rewind, Kimmel is seen partaking in training exercise with the rest of J-Squad.

Personality Edit

Gallery Edit

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