Keiji Kiriya
Chapter 1
Japanese Title キリヤ・ケイジ
Kiriya Keiji
Chapter 1
Pages 68
Release Date January 9, 2014
WYJ Issue 6-7, 2014
Next Chapter Rita Vrataski
Characters Keiji Kiriya, Rita Vrataski, Jin Yonabaru, Bartolome Ferrell, Rachel Kisaragi

Keiji Kiriya (キリヤ・ケイジ, Kiriya Keiji) is chapter 1 of the All You Need Is Kill manga.

Short summaryEdit

A soldier named Rita Vrataski asks Keiji Kiriya, dying in a battlefield, if it's true green tea after a meal is complimentary in Japan. Keiji wakes up as a soldier of the United Defense Forces fighting off Mimics at the Flower Line Base in Japan's Bōsō Peninsula, having already taken over the rest of the world. He realizes it was all just a dream, but somehow sees her again in a sudden training session. Despite being an elite soldier, affectionately known as the Full Metal Bitch, Rita offers to train amongst the soldiers and confronts Keiji. The next day, Keiji and the other soldiers arrive to defend the Bonin Islands from the Mimics, but get brutally annihilated and killed off. Keiji wakes up inside the base again to find himself reliving his past day. He attempts to desert the base to escape his inevitable confrontation with the Mimics. After escaping the base, somehow, a Mimic meets Keiji and promptly kills him off. Waking up again inside the base and realizing he may be stuck in a time loop, Keiji borrows a gun from his corporal Jin Yonabaru and commits suicide. Sure enough, he wakes up again from the bed. Realizing he cannot escape confronting the Mimics, even by death, he resolves to win himself through the time loop and marks the number 5 on the back of his left hand, signifying his fifth life in the time loop.

Long summaryEdit

In a battlefield, a soldier by the name of Rita Vrataski asks another panting, dying soldier if it's true green

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Keiji Kiriya
  2. Rita Vrataski
  3. Jin Yonabaru
  4. Bartolome Ferrell
  5. Rachel Kisaragi



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