Cage: "Listen, man, I've never been in one of these."
Griff: "Yeah, well, I've never been with two girls at the same time before. But you can bet, when that day comes, I'll make it work."
—Griff while Cage is being put in Combat Jacket.
Personal Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Professional Statistics
Affiliations United Defense Force
Organization Rank Private
Group or Squad J-Squad
First Appearance
Debut Edge of Tomorrow

Griff is a soldier serving in United Defense Force and is member of J-Squad appearing in Edge of Tomorrow. He's played by Kick Gurry.

History Edit

Operation Downfall Edit

Griff was present when Sergeant Farell put William Cage into J-Squad. Sergeant then left Cage in Griff's care for all of his dissatisfaction. He later helped Cage to get inside a Combat Jacket. On the beach of Normandy, as Cage relocates with his squad a single Mimic clawS its way out of the sand and slaughters the entire J-Squad with Sergeant Farell except Cage.

Loop Edit

In one loop after deciding to leave Vrataski behind in order to reach the dam were Omega suppose to reside, Griff questions if Cage is drunk to which the latter replies by asking another battery and more ammo.

Battle of Louvre Edit

Once in the vicinity of the Louvre, the Mimics attack their aircraft. They must avoid killing the Alpha Mimic guarding the Omega, because that will cause the Omega to reset time, so all the team members are told to "take one for the team" - that is, to accept death - and not try to kill any Alpha Mimic in case they find themselves with one face-to-face. In the ensuing firefight half of J-Squad are killed. Cage, Vrataski, and three remaining J-Squad members (Skinner, Griff and Ford) decide to use the remaining engine power to slide the aircraft into the Louvre. Once inside, they plan to use grenades to destroy the Omega. Griff, being badly injured and Griff decide to sacrifice themselves by detonating Skinners claymore and slowing down the oncoming Mimics.

Rewind Edit

After the rewind, Griff is seen partaking in training exercise with the rest of J-Squad.

Personality Edit

Gallery Edit

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