General Brigham
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Personal Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality Irish
Status Alive
Professional Statistics
Affiliations United Defense Force
Organization Rank General
First Appearance
Debut Edge of Tomorrow

General Brigham is the general of United Defense Force, appearing in Edge of Tomorrow. He's played by Brendan Gleeson.

History Edit

Operation Downfall Edit

A day before the Operation Downfall, Brigham called Cage in to London. There, he ordered Cage to land on the Normandy beach with the first wave of soldiers to film the invasion and thus promote it. Cage, having never seen combat his entire life, panics and black mails the general in order to avoid combat the next day.

Cage was arrested and taken to Forward Operating Base Heathrow under orders of Brigham where he was labeled a deserter caught impersonating an officer.

The Transponder Edit

Cage and Rita later infiltrated the Ministry of Defense to get Dr.Carters device from Brigham's office safe and, after numerous loops, persuade him to give them the transponder. Brigham relents and gives them the transponder before sending troops after Cage and Rita as they attempt to escape by car.

Rewind Edit

During a press conference Brigham announces that a huge mysterious energy blast was detected in Paris. The General says that the Mimics have died and the human forces will commence sweeping through Europe the next day. 

Personality Edit

Gallery Edit

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