Drone is a grunt unit of Mimics invasion force appearing in Edge of Tomorrow.

Overview Edit

Drones are the most common form of mimics. They do not contain the ability to reset time upon death like Alphas. They are fairly large creatures composed of a ductile material, allowing them to rapidly shift and contort into different shapes and forms at incredible speeds. They are also capable of expelling large, explosive projectiles from their backs, capable of taking down a Quad Tiltrotor or instantly killing a soldier in Tank Combat Jacket. While shooting this projectiles, the Drones must be completely still.

Drones often hide buried underground until an intruder walks by, after which they will burst forth and erratically attack their targets. After death, they petrify into obsidian and lose the orange glow.

Design Edit

Drone is composed of a mass of black tentacles with orange light glowing out of their insides and facial features. They always change their form, but usually take on a quadruped creature form.

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