Dr. Carter
Personal Information
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Nationality British
Status Alive
Professional Statistics
Main Occupation Mechanic
Affiliations United Defense Force
First Appearance
Debut Edge of Tomorrow

Dr. Carter is particle physicist and microbiologist serving in United Defense Force as a mechanic and appearing in Edge of Tomorrow. He's played by Noah Taylor.

History Edit

Whitehall Edit

Before meeting Rita Vrataski, Dr. Carter was a top researcher in Whitehall on Mimic biology.

Meeting with Vrataski Edit

After Verdun, Dr. Carter was contacted by Vrataski, telling her story. Carter believed her, but when he tried to bring this information to his officials and create a transponder, he was demoted to a simple mechanic and fired from Whitehall.

Meeting with Cage Edit

After finding out about Cage possessing the rewind ability, Rita brings him to Dr. Carter. The doctor and Rita explain the Mimic's biology and help Cage understand his new adopted power of resetting the day. Cage is told that he must continue the cycle of live/die/repeat until he has the "vision" of the Mimic Omega, the brain and command central of the Mimic horde. The presentation ends with Rita requesting to see Cage's fighting skills by fighting off robotic Mimic dummies.

Revelations Edit

After escaping the ambush at the dam, Cage, Vrataski, and Carter put the pieces together and figure out the visions: Vrataski's success in Verdun was all a ruse by the Omega Mimic. The Omega had let the humans win at Verdun in order to lure the humans into invading Europe, where all the human armies would be ambushed and annihilated. With no other leads, the device Carter made, which got him fired is their last chance. Vrataski and Cage switch focus to getting the device, which is at Whitehall in a safe in General Brigham's office.

Rewind Edit

After Cage succeeds in killing the Omega, Dr. Carter still works as a mechanic in FOB Heathrow.

Personality Edit

Gallery Edit

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