Battle of Verdun was the site of the first successful battle for UDF since the start of Human-Mimic war.

Overview Edit

Battle of Verdun was the first victory for UDF in Human-Mimic war since its start. It featured the first deployment of Combat Jacket equipped soldiers. It also featured the first account of human being infected by Alphas blood, namely Rita Vrataski. Because of this she became the most decorated soldier in all of the United Defense force notoriously known for killing over 1,000 mimic aliens in combat. The victory caused the mass manufacturing of exo-suits for the United Defense Force and the enlistment of thousand soldiers.

In reality, the human success in Verdun was all a ruse by the Omega Mimic. The Omega has let the humans win at Verdun in order to lure the them into invading Europe, where all the UDF armies would be ambushed and annihilated.

History Edit

Battle of Verdun Edit

UDF forces were deployed in Verdun, among them was Rita Vrataski. During the battle she encountered an Alpha and was infected with its blood, gaining the ability to reset the day. She used the ability to locate and kill Omega, but before she can reach it, is heavily wounded. Rita awakens in a hospital with Alpha blood drained from her, losing the ability to reset the day. UDF announces the battle of Verdun as success and decorates Rita for her achievements in the fight.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Verdun was the site in France of the bloodiest battle of World War I in 1916. It lasted almost a year and an estimated one million men on both sides died.
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