The Alphas are a commander unit of the Mimic invasion force appearing in Edge of Tomorrow.

Overview Edit

Alphas are physically larger, blue variants of Drones, and are psychologically-interconnected to the Omega; if an Alpha Mimic dies, a response is instantly triggered in the Omega that causes it to turn back time while retaining knowledge of the potential future. This mechanic allows the Mimics to adapt to any combat strategy, since they are capable of continuously turning back time until a favorable outcome is reached. Being the commander units, they can command lower units. After death, they petrify into obsidian and lose the blue glow.

According to Dr. Carter, Alpha Mimics are rare, only appearing approximately 1 in 6.18 million times.

Design Edit

An Alpha is composed of a mass of black tentacles with blue light glowing out of their insides and facial features. It's physically larger than a Drone and can change its shape to adapt for any situation. Their blood is also highly acidic as its melted Cage's face when it came into contact with it.

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Carter estimates the occurrence of alpha mimics to be approximately 1 in 6.18 million. This may be a reference to the golden ratio, which is approximately 1.618 to 1 (or 1 to 0.618), and is seen in the structures of some plants and animals.

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