Chapter 8
Pages 22
Release Date March 13, 2014
WYJ Issue 15, 2014
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██████ is chapter 8 of the All You Need Is Kill manga. It has no title.

Short summaryEdit

A little girl named ██████ is seen growing up in Pittsfield, Illinois. Her father takes her to the general store in town to buy some Hawaiian beans, the last shipment as the Mimics have just taken over the state. Despite seeing this on the news, ██████ chooses not to join the United Defense Forces as she is too carefree to worry about the Mimics. A snow storm strikes Pittsfield that night, marking the sudden arrival of the Mimics. The father leads ██████ out of the house and into an underground bunker with her badly injured mother already inside as he tries to drive off in search of help. He doesn't get far before the Mimics catch up to him, impale his car, and murder him before ██████'s eyes. Long after the death of her father, soldiers find ██████ and her mother and lead them to safety. At the age of 15, ██████ steals a passport from the refugee beside her to join the United Defense Forces. She became known henceforth as Rita Vrataski, with a resolve to eliminate all Mimics from existence. She gets caught in a time loop of her own half a year after joining the army.

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Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Rita Vrataski



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